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Сергей Пашкевич


11 days


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  • 4 - 14 august

Сергей Пашкевич

журналист-международник, специалист по Японии и Аляске, член экспедиций в Высокие Гималаи и на Килиманджаро, мастер боевых искусств. Автор документального фильма “Русские сны Аляски” и книги “Письма с края света: путешествие в русскую Америку”.

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  • Day 1. Opening the Gates to Alaska

    The first stop before you reachAlaska would be Seattle which is also known as the ‘Gates to Alaska’ and ‘Rainy City’. This is where you would take off at 7 am andthen land at Ketchikan, aka ‘Salmon capital of the world’. Here, at the land of the Tsimshian tribe territory, you would dig deep the state’sdistantpastand try famousAlaskancrab. Just enough to know and feel before your night flight to Sitka! Overnight stay atWestmarkSitka hotel.

  • Day 2. Paris of the Pacific!

    We dedicate this day to Sitka and the beautiful South East with its powerful oceanic scenery. You’ll start your adventure with the 3-hour boat cruise to check outcharming sea ottersand other curious creatures of the North Pacific. You will then enjoy viewing the Russian heritage of the town, formerly the capital of RussianAmerica. Among the locallandmarksare St. Michael’sOrthodoxcathedral in the downtown and the Castle Hill known for its transfer ceremony when Alaska was purchased by the United States in 1867.

    Later we’ll walk down the trails of the SitkaNationalHistoricalpark with its Sheldon Jackson Museum and the Totem park representing stunning Indian totem poles. Sitka is considered to be one of Alaska’s most beautifultowns with its breathtaking mountain and sea views and the rich heritage, both Tlinkit and Russian.

    Then, at 7:04 pm – youmake guided flight to Anchorage. Overnight stay at InletTower hotel.

  • Day 3. Anchorage: the Alaska’sbiggest city!

    You will enjoy the city tour by visiting the Anchorage Museum, the city’s biggest museum with picturesque exposition of the state’s past and present, including its rich First people of Alaska heritage. We will then relocate to the Point Woronzof Park to enjoy the magnificent downtown view of the city situated on the edge of the ocean and the Chugach mountains. We’ll stop byfor a pint of Alaskan beer at the iconic venue, Glacier’s brewhouse.You can also trydelicious Alaskan cuisine, such as King crab or smoked sockeye with potato and broccolini.

    Later on we’ll be moving to the ski resort town of Girdwood, driving down the Seward highway, one of North America’s most beautiful roads. AtGirdwood we’ll takeawalk down the trail in the stunning rainforest surrounding the town. By the way, in 2018 Girdwood made it to world’s Top 10 most beautiful mountain towns.

    You will have a nice dinner at the famous ‘Seven Glacier’s’ restaurant at Alyeska hotel before spending a night there.

  • Day 4. Spencerglacierlake: the symphonyoficeand water

    Youstartthisdaywithmemorable and rather shortrailroadtriptothePortagevalleyrighttotheSpencerlake.We’llthengokayaking up totheglacier. Itisasecludedplace where you will be instantly caught by itsuniquelandscape, its cold beauty and absolute stillness. Whilekayaking on the lakeyou’llbesurroundedbythefloatingicebergsrepresenting the pieces of the Spencer glacier. Youcanevenaddsomerocksintoyourdrinktofeeltheancienttaste of themillennia-old Northern world!

    A delicious dinner will be a part of your today’s adventure.You’llwrap-upyourdaybyreturning to Girdwood.

  • Day 5. Ferry to Valdezby the Prince William sound

    Togettotheferrywewillhavetoreachasmalltown of Whittier. We’llgettherebythe gloomyone-waytunnelconstructedinthe Second World War times.

    TravelingthePrinceWilliamsoundbyferrycounts astrueAlaskanwayoftransportation: you would feel what it is like to be a native Alaskan on the road. While on board you’ll be enjoying breathtaking sea and mountain views — a truly unforgettable experience!

    We’llarrivetoValdezby 7:15 pm and then catcha dinner before spending night at local lodge.

  • Day 6. WalkingdowntheWorthington glacier

    ThislongdaywouldbeyourintroductiontotheAlpinetundra trekking.

    Youwillenjoyseeingpicturesquewaterfalls, leave your footsteps on the ancient glacier’s ice and finally reach the Alpine tundra zone by the Thompson pass nearby Valdez, on surface of Worthington glacier, which is listed as aNational Natural Landmark .

    We’lldaretoremindyouthattrekkingisthe most favorite outdoor activity in Alaska. Thelocalsjustloveit. Duringthisdayyouwilltestyourselfto be just like a real Alaskan in his or her natural environment.

    It would be your yet another night atValdez.

  • Day 7. Enjoying the Denalinational park

    Youwilldiscovertoday twomountainsystems: theAlaskarangeandWrangell -St. Elias range. We will drive theDenalihighway which is considered to be one of the state’s most beautiful roads… and one of the least populated, too. Itisworthtoknowthatinwintertimethis far away road is used as a trail for sled dogs runs and races. Butthistimeitwouldbeyour own way to discover andenjoy!

    Youwillspendafantasticnightat a lodge nearby the entrance to the Denali national park.

  • Day 8. Denali: airandlandadventures

    Thebestwaytoenjoythe magnificent Denalinationalpark, U.S. secondlargest, wouldbea twin turbo fly-over into its depth and return by the Park service bus.

    There’sonlyonehighwaycrossingthepark, drivingdownthisroadyoumayhaveachance to see big wildlife such as grizzlies, moose and caribou. If weather is goodwecanenjoywatchingMountDenali, formerly known as McKinley, the highest peak of North America, 20,310 ft above sea level. ‘Denali’ means ‘TheGreatest’ intheAthabaskan language, who are the Native people of these lands. Itisthenorthernmostsix-thousanderintheworldandoneofthe legendary ‘Seven Summits’, highest peaks of each continent.

    After this day’soutdoor adventure is done we will relocate to Fairbanks.

  • Day 9. All of Alaska’s gold!

    Fairbanks, theInteriorAlaska’sbiggesttown, is famous for various things, such as the University of AlaskaFairbanks, arguably the best in the state, or its long and chilly winters.

    SomewherearoundherethemysteriousHААRPishidden in tundra, aColdWarleftover where tremendous efforts had been made to study climate control for military needs. ButthemainthingaboutFairbanksisgold: thistownstillgottheJackLondoncharactersspiritwithitsdistinctiveGoldRushvibe…The town’s motto says it all: the Golden Heart of Alaska.

    …we will take a cruise on a hundred years old paddle-wheel steamer down Chena and Tananarivers getting to know the lifestyle of the Athabaskans who had been living on these shores since time immemorial. Thenyoucantryyourluckpanningoutgoldand, finally, wouldsoakyourselfat Chena open air hotsprings under the gorgeous Midnight Sun!

    You will spend the night at the Moose Lodge in Chena.

  • Day 10. Utqiagvik (akaBarrow): exploringthe Great Beyond

    Today’s plan: morning coffee at the lodge/getting to Fairbanks airport/flight to the Arctic/landing at Utqiagvik.This is truly the land’s end, sitting on the edge of the Arctic ocean! You will be introduced to the Arctic by entering Barrow or Utqiagvik,which is its ancient Inupiat name, the place being the US northernmost town. You’ll takeawalk down the Arctic ocean shore enjoying the Midnight Sun, cold winds and empty spaces for as far as you can see. But this is just one side of the coin. Another one is the Inupiathistory which Utqiagvik is rich of: we’ll do it the next day.

    Could you imagine spending a night in a lodge located at the Arctic ocean shore? There you go!

  • Day 11. Getting to know the North

    GrabanopportunitytoexploretheheritageandlifestyleoftheInupiatculture: thetourwouldtakearound 4 hourstocomplete.For instance, you’ll be introduced to the importance of whaling for the Native people. Having finishedthis outdoor classyou’llget onboardoftheplaneboundsouth, to Anchorage, before your final flight out of Alaska and into the ordinary world.

    Ifnecessary, you would spenda night at theInletTowerhotel, already your familiar place.

    Your trip to Alaska would be your lifetime adventure, something to remember years after. We’re sure you would share this unforgettable experience with your family and friends once you’re back into the ‘normal’ world!

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  • все разрешения, включая пермит на вхождение в Национальный парк Денали.
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