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Moscow Himalayan Humanitarian Foundation

The Moscow Himalayan Humanitarian Foundation (MHHF) is an international humanitarian organization founded in March 2012 by Moscow’s Himalayan Club. It operates under the auspices of the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). The Foundation is dedicated to organize various support activities for the world's most remote communities in the following areas:  

- underground water exploration and water-supply installment works for the drought-affected countries of the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Jibuti, Somalia, Kenya) and the Himalayan region (Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet);

- medical support organization and medical supplies delivery to those in need in the countries of the Horn of Africa and Nepal;

- food support and food delivery to the starving communities in the Horn of Africa regions;

- basic and specialized education programs development, including those aimed to fight the illiteracy at local communities.


MHHF mission is to create partnerships around the world for relentless enhancement of the people's lives in the Horn of Africa and the Himalayan region (Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet) in such areas as water resources support, food supply, public health and education services.

Projects implemented by the MHHF:

- Water reservoir construction (with constant volume of 40,000 cubic liters) in Argani settlement (Kenya's Wajir county, Somalian border), September 2011 – August 2012. The project implementation resulted in the water supply installment for the settlement's 1300 residents.

- Field medical camps setting up in the Mustang kingdom area (Nepal) at Dee and Yara villages, bordering the Chinese Tibet. During the project implementation (May 2012) the MHHF has brought in highly qualified Nepali doctors to treat local 122 patients, including those in need of emergency.

 - Field medical camps setting up at Chosar and Shamdung settlements (the Mustang kingdom, Nepal) to treat local population, April 2013.

The future/planned projects:

- 2013 – 2014: Borehole drilling works at the village of Diif (Kenya’s Wajir county, Somalian border) to establish reliable water supply for the local community.



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- Adventure Mountain Club (Nepal).

- WASDA (a NGO), Afromasala Adventure (Kenya).

- Across Abyssinia (Ethiopia)

 You are invited to help the Foundation to support our mission, please contact us: sergo@himalaya.ru